Yoni Healing

Yoni Healing (sometimes called ‘Vaginal Mapping’) is a modality that is based on the principle that the body’s memories are stored within its cells. ‘Yoni’ is a Sanskrit word that means ‘home’, ‘sacred place’ and ‘source’ as well as being the word that describes our vaginas and vulvas (external part of our genitals).

For women, traumatic experiences in this area are generally related to sex (including unwelcome attention in this area before we were old enough to make informed consent about it) and childbirth. Imprints that remain with us in this way are either caused by a single strong experience (such as a difficult birth or experience of sexual abuse) or by exposure to repeated low-level trauma (such as being penetrated sexually before we are really ready for it).

During a session, the catalyst to healing is the fact that it is you who is in charge of what does or does not happen (and we might not even touch the yoni at all in a first session if this seems like ‘too much’ or a lot of emotion comes up). I have a structure for the session that I can offer to you and I can give suggestions for what sorts of touch might be helpful in various situations, but ultimately, nothing will happen unless you ask for it to happen. (This is very unlike a medical situation where typically something is done ‘to you’.) The intention for the session is that we bring yoni out of the story (and associated trauma) of the past experience and into the reality of the present moment where you have the chance to re-write your script associated with this part of your body.

You may feel that a yoni healing would be helpful in response to something traumatic that you have experienced in the past and would like, now at this time in your life, to heal. Or it may be that you do not have a sense of something dramatic that has happened to you in this area but are feeling physical pain or discomfort that is preventing you from fully experiencing pleasure in your sex life or just a vague ‘numbness’ that you would like to transform into sensitivity and availability for pleasure.  

All sessions will be different: sometimes, a lot of emotion might arise at various points – a touch on one point might trigger a memory of something that happened in the past or you might experience emotion with no clear idea of what is causing it. The point is, it is all welcome. By feeling what you are feeling, you are allowing energy to flow through you (and so, not become stuck). Eventually, you might notice that individual points increase in sensitivity: it doesn’t matter what is the outcome – the idea is simply to notice and accept what happens. 

It is advisable that a yoni healing session is preceded by a Pelvic Liberation Massage to facilitate the free flow of energy in the whole pelvis. This can be included with the Yoni Healing as a three hour session or taken as two 90 minute sessions.

If you would like to know more about what might happen in a session or to discuss whether this might be a suitable treatment for you, feel free to call me or email me and have a chat about your situation or to ask any questions you might have. 

Sessions last approximately 90 minutes (the timing of the session will be measured by what feels right and complete at the time so it is not possible to be more precise than this).

Cost of 90 minute session £160. 

Cost of 3 hour session £280