Hawaiian Massage

Hawaiian Massage (also known as Lomi Lomi) is a technique practised in the islands of Polynesia and based on the ‘Huna’– an ancient philosophy which seeks to create a harmonious state of balance in body, mind and spirit.

The practitioner uses their hands, forearms and body-weight to make long, flowing strokes over the client’s whole body. Because the movements are continuous and unpredictable (sometimes two areas of the body are worked on simultaneously) the resulting sensations are reminiscent of the sea or being bathed by long, rolling waves. This encourages the mind to let go of control of trying to think-ahead and can invoke states of meditation, bliss and deep relaxation.

The massage is sometimes call a ‘loving hands massage’ as it is bathed in the intent of ‘Aloha’: the Hawaiian word is used as a greeting but also means ‘loving kindness’ or ‘breath of life’. The massage differs from other therapies in that it is carried out in ritual space (I will have ritually prepared both the room and myself prior to your session) and there will be an intent for healing on all levels: emotional and spiritual as well as on the physical level. The treatment works physically with the muscles and with the fascia, or connective tissues of the body, but also works on the principle that emotional stress and trauma are stored in the cells of the body and this is gently melted away during a treatment (rather than being ‘pushed through’).

Typical reasons why you might wish to have a Hawaiian massage might be to release tension in the body and to promote relaxation; to encourage flows of blood and lymph and to eliminate toxins from the body; to relieve feelings of anxiety and to reset emotional harmony; to increase spiritual and personal power. As the massage encourages the nervous system to slow down, you will find yourself invited to surrender into alpha states in the brain: a place from where deep transformation and change can occur as our systems are invited to ‘reset’. 

Hawaiian Massage 90 minute session £75

Hawaiian Massage 120 minute session £90