About Rose

I am a massage therapist and bodywork practitioner with experience in a wide-range of healing therapies that work on all levels of the body’s energy systems and flows.

Originally from a professional background which involved much mental activity but little connection to my own body, I first became aware that there was a ‘missing-link’ for me by becoming interested in expressive dance. From direct experience, I came to realise that communicating directly with the wisdom of the body is a route not only to physical well-being but also to profound shifts on an emotional and spiritual plane. 

From here, I began to train in various massages modalities as I could see, in myself, the benefits of working with the body being focussed and accelerated; this included the loosening of emotional blockages manifesting in the body as a result of historical trauma. Everything I offer is from a place of being ‘tried and tested’ on myself first and having first-hand experience of the real shifts that subsequently occurred.

I truly believe that when all body systems are flowing and in a state of ‘ease’ (as opposed to ‘dis-ease’), then we are functioning in our natural-ness (i.e. in accordance with our own true nature) and aliveness and life begins to communicate with us at the same vibration. Everything that I offer is intended towards this outcome.